My husband and I moved to our new home in August 2013.

We used "All My Sons" for the moving company. The moving company was great and took care of our needs. They did accidentally rub up against one of the walls while moving our washing machine causing a large dent in the wall, but the corner that they had to turn was so tight and they tried so hard to be careful, so it was understandable. They ensured that they would take care of the damage to the wall, they gave us their managers phone number and he would help us with the claims process to get the wall fixed as soon as possible. Mind you, this wall was in our old home, not our new home, so the owner of the property was expecting this to be fixed by them.

My husband called the manager, who was very nice and apologized for the damage, and he gave us the claims department (We Care Claims Management) phone number and our reference number.

The first bad sign from this company was when my husband called them to leave a message, they did not have an official voicemail. It just said "Leave a message after the tone", no company name, nothing. He thought he dialed the wrong number, but no, it was the right number. How professional is that!!!??

He left a message and no one returned his call. He had to call them again two days later and reem them for not calling him back and their lame excuse was "we did not receive a voicemail from you."

We then proceeded to file the claim over the phone with an actual person this time and they took down our information and said that we will get a paper packet in the mail with 5-7 days. It needs to be filled out and mailed back to them.

We filled the packet out, had it notarized, like they requested on the packet (which was a pain and costs money), we even included pictures of the damage and a hand written statement asking that they contact the property owner to deal with him, as we are not living on the property anymore. We then mailed the packet to them.

Here it is almost 3 months later and we got a call from our old landlord asking about the wall being fixed. No one has contacted him and they have not even attempted to reach out to anyone in regards to the damage that needs to be repaired.

My husband and I are furious with "We Care Claims Management".

We followed the exact steps as they requested, and have heard nothing back.

"We Care" for a company name is a crock of ***, they clearly dont care and obviously are not stepping up to taking care of their customers. I really think that they are flaking, that they dont want to pay the money....and honestly I am wondering if anyone even actually works there. It is impossible to get a hold of someone and they do not have a professional/appropriate voicemail set up so customers can determine who they are.

Worst service ever!! My husband and I are still trying to get a hold of someone to get off of their *** and get this damage fixed, so our old landlord will stop harrasing us over something that is now out of our control.

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