We Care Claims Management Inc - We Care Claims Management is worthless! I wonder if anyone actually works there.....

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My husband and I moved to our new home in August 2013.

We used "All My Sons" for the moving company. The moving company was great and took care of our needs. They did accidentally rub up against one of the walls while moving our washing machine causing a large dent in the wall, but the corner that they had to turn was so tight and they tried so hard to be careful, so it was understandable. They ensured that they would take care of the damage to the wall, they gave us their managers phone number and he would help us with the claims process to get the wall fixed as soon as possible. Mind you, this wall was in our old home, not our new home, so the owner of the property was expecting this to be fixed by them.

My husband called the manager, who was very nice and apologized for the damage, and he gave us the claims department (We Care Claims Management) phone number and our reference number.

The first bad sign from this company was when my husband called them to leave a message, they did not have an official voicemail. It just said "Leave a message after the tone", no company name, nothing. He thought he dialed the wrong number, but no, it was the right number. How professional is that!!!??

He left a message and no one returned his call. He had to call them again two days later and reem them for not calling him back and their lame excuse was "we did not receive a voicemail from you."

We then proceeded to file the claim over the phone with an actual person this time and they took down our information and said that we will get a paper packet in the mail with 5-7 days. It needs to be filled out and mailed back to them.

We filled the packet out, had it notarized, like they requested on the packet (which was a pain and costs money), we even included pictures of the damage and a hand written statement asking that they contact the property owner to deal with him, as we are not living on the property anymore. We then mailed the packet to them.

Here it is almost 3 months later and we got a call from our old landlord asking about the wall being fixed. No one has contacted him and they have not even attempted to reach out to anyone in regards to the damage that needs to be repaired.

My husband and I are furious with "We Care Claims Management".

We followed the exact steps as they requested, and have heard nothing back.

"We Care" for a company name is a crock of ***, they clearly dont care and obviously are not stepping up to taking care of their customers. I really think that they are flaking, that they dont want to pay the money....and honestly I am wondering if anyone even actually works there. It is impossible to get a hold of someone and they do not have a professional/appropriate voicemail set up so customers can determine who they are.

Worst service ever!! My husband and I are still trying to get a hold of someone to get off of their *** and get this damage fixed, so our old landlord will stop harrasing us over something that is now out of our control.

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We Care Claims Management Inc - We Care Claims Management- DO NOT USE


During a move from Virginia to Vermont, we had several pieces of valuable furniture destroyed.The company we used was insured by We Care Claims Management, and they assured us before the move that any damage would be covered.

We submitted a claim promptly after the move. TWO months later and after many phone calls they refused to cover the damage stating improper packaging by us! One particular item was a brand new marble cheese platter that was still in its original package (styrofoam and all!) After the move it was clear that something large was dropped right on top of box as the cheese platter was shattered to pieces and there was a gaping whole in the box. Do not use this company!!!

Nor the moving company All My Sons !!!They are awful!!!

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We Care Claims Management Inc - Insulting

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I had home furnishings stored at All My Sons in Boise, Id.When I had the furnishings delivered, the kitchen furnishings, worth several thousand dollars, were missing.

After calling All My Sons, they transferred me to We Care Claims. It took them 3 weeks to get the claim form to me. Sent it in. I called several times to check on the status of the claim.

I was told it was being reviewed.

Finally after 3 months of calling, I got a letter telling me the claim was valid and they would compensate me $30.00.All My Sons and We Care are to be avoided!

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We Care Claims Management Inc - Bad experience Consumer Beware

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Consumers using All my sons moving , they use We Care Management ,Inc for their insurances claims ,which the name is a joke within itself.Should be We Don't Care.

I did as instructed when an $200 picture was broken due to falling off the back of moving truck. After several months finally I received a letter stating if I would not say anything they would give me $20 lol . They will make you jump hoops making you want to give up.

If you try calling expect a non CARING individual to answer your call.I hope this alerts other consumers looking to use someone who uses WE Care Management.

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We Care Claims Management Inc - All My Sons Moving and Storage and WeCare Claims - Don't Use Them

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I paid All My Sons Moving and Storage of Louisville, KY several thousand dollars to move my home from Louisville, KY to St.Louis, MO.

I was promised a truck large enough for my move and that it would arrive at 8:00a.m. on my moving day. The truck did not show up until 4:00p.m. The truck was too small for my items and the move was extended to the following morning with a second truck.

My items were to be stored in All My Sons storage facility in Louisville, KY and delivered to me 3 weeks later in St. Louis. When they arrived in St. Louis several items did not make it back onto the trucks and some were damaged.

I filed a claim for the missing and damaged items and was not compensated enough for them and had to wait 3 months to get a measly $200. One of the damaged items was an antique cedar chest I inherited from my grandmother. All four legs on that piece were broken. Three months later (November), I discovered that the plastic tote with my 82 year old mother's winter coats and her holiday (good) silverware set was missing as well.

I called All My Sons and they referred me back to WeCare Claims (WeCare. Really?) who quickly informed me that I could not file a second claim and my loss was my loss. My question is how does your stuff go from your home onto an All My Sons moving truck, from the truck into a vault, back on to the truck and disappear in thin air?

And, the customer takes the loss?I am not going to get anywhere with being compensated for my hard earned possessions that All My Sons have stolen from me so I will do what I can via my Facebook page, YouTube, Email to my friends and family (a lot of whom live in Kentucky) and the Better Business Bureau to let people know how I've been treated by All My Sons Moving and Storage and their claims service.

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My wife also suffered severe damages to her mom's antique furniture. Movers from All My Sons placed our daughter's furniture on the cement, severely scratching the furniture. To add to the level of unprofessionalism, they severely damaged our floor, door pane, and totally destroyed the bedposts to our bed.

We Care Claims Management Inc - Damaged my furniture,no recompense

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WE CARE CLAIMS MANAGEMENT INC who works with ALL MY SONS MOVING (nationwide)is giving me a very hard time about reimbursement for damage done to a beautiful antique mirror and my door and door jam during a move.They re attached this mirror in such a way that it fell and shattered and broke part of the wood frame.

The van was driving away when this happened after I initialed the insurance waiver.However, no where in the waiver does it recuse them from d

this kind of damage

Some one called me I have tried to return the call 4 times, kept on hold for 20 minutes each time

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yea i cant get my claim either they now dont even answer

Nashville, Tennessee, United States #614928

They did the same thing to me.Broke about $8,000 worth of stuff and that is being kind about it.

They ruined my piano, broke the screen on my IMAC, broke my big screen tv, my dresser and mirror, a bunch of picture frames, a lamp and a box of expensive kitchen dishes and glassware. Oh yeah... and they were four hours late and I didn't even know about the insurance *** until they were done and I initialed it at almost MIDNIGHT because I wanted to go to bed! They offered me $530!!!!

AND I still havent seen it yet...this was in August of 2012!

to They ***k! Wichita, Kansas, United States #655616

They did almosth the Exact same to us!!We moved the last week of August 2012, damaged just over $8000 worth of our stuff (Also being kind about that estimation).

They were hours late and finally the office got back to me stating that we didnt need 2 days and they would pack, load and move everything the following day; and understood we needed to leave by 1pm. The next day they were 3 hours late, didnt finish packing until almost 8 pm and were rude, unprofessional and unprepared! They had no TV boxes. garment boxes, not enough furniture padding, no tools and not even markers to label our boxes.

The claim is a joke they told us they'd settle for $603, which we havent seen and no one will return any of our calls.What a joke!!!





I have damage to all of my furniture in my house 12,000 worth.I have tried to contact the company but noone will talk to me.

I will not go away until I get my 2800.00 in moving fees returned. There is no way to even fix all my furniture, but I want my moving expenses returned.

Seems like it would just be easier to refund my money that let me be unhappy and tell people not to use their company.DO NOT USE ALL MY SONS NASHVILLE, TN


Julie I only moved 2 miles and I have a 3000SF house full of damaged furniture. I cannot get anyone to return my calls at All My Sons and I am not going to go through the ridiculous claim form. How did the lawyer thing go I am about ready to turn to that.


They also damaged so many things in our move of only 10 miles, it took months to find it all.

Half way through the move they didn't come back to complete it, and made we waste an entire day off from work waiting for them.

They also packed liquor, live ammunition and batteries together in the same box, even after I told them many times not to touch or move any of those things. It is against the law for them to move liquor or ammunition. The ammo and batteries were touching each other! Could have exploded!

I think the entire crew was stoned. They were, simply put, morons who didn't even know how to put tape in a tape dispenser for making boxes. I kid you not. I had to show them how to put packing tape into a packing tape dispenser.


My movers damaged my nice oak furniture, tore my couch etc.Lots of careless damage.

Not good.

I'm not sure if it is a corporate stall or the local company blowing me off..bad news.


These people damaged over $7000 of my furniture and electronics. I paid alot of money for them to wrap and pack all my mahogany furniture, and I have alot of it. Their so called claims company is bogus and I have contacted the BBB and am getting a lawyer to sue for compensation.

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